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Twin Turbo Cadillac with 1200 Horsepower

When it comes to street legal horsepower the Bugatti Veyron is pretty much the king, but here in the United States we have two companies gunning to take the Veyron down. One of those cars is the SSC Tuatara which is expected to have 1350 Horsepower when it is released but the other car is none other than a 2013 Cadillac VTS. Truth be told this isn’t your ordinary Cadillac but a twin turbo Cadillac built by one of Americas premier car tuners John Hennessey of Texas. While this isn’t the first outrageous car that Hennessey has produced (2012 Hennessey Venom GT has 1200 Horsepower) it is the pretty amazing to think that you could give a Bugatti Veyron a run for its 2.2 Million Dollar price tag in your American made Cadillac with your wife and 2 kids along for the ride!

To create such an incredible car Hennessey leaves very little of the car factory stock. The engine used is a 7.0 Liter V8 with custom pistons, rods, crank, head and cams. Then by adding the twin turbo setup and a precision tune the car can have the boost controlled to produce either, 800 HP, 1000 HP or 1226 HP! Brembo brakes make sure you can stop this 1200 Horsepower beast and the magnetic suspension is tuned for precision handling. Finally a CarbonAero wide body kit is added to improve aerodynamics, reduce weight and make the car look like it could murder anything else on the road.

Hennessey is so confident in his creation he has made a pretty bold and public offer to the CEO of Bugatti to take one of his Cadillacs to VW’s test track at Ehra-Lessien! Here is the exact quote:

“If Herr Dürheimer wants to invite us to demonstrate the top speed of our 1226 bhp 4-seater (on the VW straight away at Ehra-Lessien), then we would be more than happy to accommodate him.”

Well it certainly is nice to see that Texas continues to produce tuners (RIP Carroll Shelby) with the intestinal fortitude to take on the big boys. Let’s all hope Mr. Hennessey gets the chance to show the folks in Germany that America still produces some of the finest performing vehicles in the world at a fraction of the cost of the competition. If you are interested in one of these Caddy’s you should head over to Hennessey’s website because they are only making 12 of these so they will probably sell pretty quickly.


Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance