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2014 Dodge Challenger Pursuit Police Car Sets Record

By Noah Uitermark


Even with all the modern assistance technology offers the crime-fighting force, there still comes a time when an old-fashioned police chase is necessary.  The dynamic of that, too, is about to change. 



The 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit scored record cop-car times, with a time of 1:33.85 in Michigan’s police test and 1:34.75 in laps at Michigan’s Grattan Raceway.  This ensures that the 2014 Pursuit is not a vehicle any criminal wants to see in the mirror. 

The 2012 model made the all-time record for fastest police car when it received Mopar upgrades from Chrysler.  These included such amenities as a push bumper, front and rear corner LED lights, Can-Com siren system, a power distribution center, and front and rear splash guards (among many more). 



Now, for the 2014 model, Dodge has incorporated recommendations from officers to bring them a Secure park function to keep patrol cars from being stolen, improved rear ground clearance and stronger exhaust (for rough terrain and high-speed median crossing), upgraded 14.5 inch front-brake rotors (allowing a 60-0 stopping distance of a mere 127 feet), upgraded rear suspensions for hard braking and high-speed maneuvers, and finally rear-parking assistance from ParkSense.  All in all, it makes for a patrol car with an impressive – and, if you’re on the wrong side of it, intimidating – array of features, power, maneuverability, and control. 

The 2014 Challenger Pursuit gives us something to think about, and something to watch for, next time there’s a police chase on TV.




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