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2014 SRT Viper Sales Slow Chrysler to Cut Production

By Christian Stewart


After slow sales in the past few months, Chrysler has confirmed its intentions to cut production of the 2014 SRT Viper. Only 45 SRT Vipers sold in September in the U.S. and only 426 this year according to Chrysler’s September 2013 sales report. In the same report, Chrysler stated that they have manufactured 1,030 SRT Vipers in 2014. To put these numbers in perspective, 426 Vipers have sold, but 565 remain in stock at dealerships. At the rate Chrysler has sold the exotic car this year, they nearly have a year of unsold Vipers in inventory.



Slow sales could be attributed to the popularity of the 2014 Corvette Stingray, which is extremely successful in its first few months of sales. The Viper, which sells for nearly twice the price of the Corvette, has mixed reviews compared to the mostly positive reviews of the new Stingray.

The SRT Viper is made in Chrysler’s Corner Avenue Plant in Detroit, which only produces SRT Vipers. After the cuts, production will slow from nine Vipers daily down to six. Jodi Tinson, a Chrysler spokeswoman, said, “Once the plant reconfigures job assignments, impacted employees will be reassigned to area facilities.” The exact number of employees who will be reassigned is still unknown.



The fifth-generation includes the SRT Viper and SRT Viper GTS, along with the SRT Viper TA, a special-edition focused on handling. The Viper underwent a redesign in 2013 that was intended to maintain performance but increase comfort for owners. But if the current sales numbers say anything, it is that people aren’t as interested in the car as Chrysler hoped for.




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