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Is this the 2014 Corvette?

A few months ago we reported on a story in Jalopnik that purported to show what the 2014 Corvette C7 will look like when released (Read Here). According to the story someone had actually seen the new Vette and had drawn a rendition of the car based upon some photos that had been taken of the car but almost as soon as the story was released the official word from Chevrolet was that the information Jalopnik had was wrong and that the rendition was wrong too. Jalopnik stood by their rendition and dismissed the statements from Chevy and now it looks as if they may have been right all along. 

Today we see some images posted on automobilemag that have a rendition of the Corvette C7 that they are offering and it looks almost identical to the original renditions that Jalopnik had offered many months ago. This would seem to almost confirm the design of the next generation of the Corvette. Along with this drawing we DO know that the C7 will have an 8 speed automatic transmission or a 7 speed manual transmission just like the new Porsche 911. No one is certain what engine will be used in the upcoming Corvette so there are still some unanswered questions but for the most part there is beginning to be a consensus on what the 2014 Corvette will look like.

While we are still a full year out from seeing the new Vette in real life we can now begin to put this puzzle together and are excited about the next generation of Corvette!

Photos: Jalopnik.com/ automobilemag.com